The New York Optimist
October 2008
About my work

Since I can remember I have been fascinated with fairy- and folk tales. I appreciated how they brought into existence the possibility of an
entire parallel universe at the end of my fingertips. A universe full of beauty and magic, a world that offers an escape to the reality we live in.
To children it must seem like Utopia; justice and truth always prevail and evil stepmothers get their due punishment. Yet on a deeper level we
can see the dark and the eerie within the fairy tale, as clearly as we are aware; Utopias do not work. Utopias are doomed to fall, just as fairy
tales are there to frighten us as much as they entice.

After, Ever-After! is a compilation of different bodies of work united and bound together through common visual connotations from these
tales: e.g. Little Red Riding Hood - both in 'The One Who Went Forth To Learn What Fear Was 1/3' and in `So As I Might See You Better
1/3' - or Cinderella, in 'The One Who Went Forth To Learn What Fear Was 3/3'

While looking at the image an underlying story slowly emerges, creeping up on the observer, almost like a shadow in a darkened alleyway.
The girly Wellington boot in 'The One Who Went Forth To Learn What Fear Was 3/3' for example, could be seen as the remains of a horrific
crime and cruelty or simply as the shoe the princess lost on the stairs after escaping from the ball.

It is the underlying, the hidden emotions that interest me. The Fear, deep rooted in us all, Anxiety and Paranoia - the real and the imaginary -
buried deep within.
Flavia Sollner
We have no reason to harbour
any mistrust against our world,
for it is not against us.
If it has terrors, they are our
terrors; if it has abysses, these
abysses belong to us;
if there are dangers we must try
to love them. And if we arrange
our life in accordance
with the principle which tells us
that we must always trust in the
difficult, then what now
appears to us as the most alien
will become our most intimate
and trusted experience"

--Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a
Young Poet
 Flavia Sollner   

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23rd - March 08

I will be represented at the Milan
Art Fair
by Gallery Jarach

MiArt ArtNow!


Fiera Internazionale d'Arte
Moderna e Contemporanea

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20th - January 08

Italian Marie Claire

published an interview with me
and the "Pink Umbrella"
image in their January 2008 issue.

the interview is on page 105

(click on image to see larger

WELTKUNST   12/2007

Walter Auf Dem Steine published
on pages 6-7


Daylesford Foto Biennale 2007

june 2nd - july st

The One Who Went Forth To
Learn What Fear Was

Solo show at Galleri BQ - hosted
by Blomqvist Kunsthandel

5-22 Januar 2006

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