The New York Optimist
January 2009
Erica Simone
"Erica Simone split her childhood between Los Angeles and
Paris, France and now lives in New York City. As a young
teenager, she was always busy collecting and cutting edgy
images from magazines and promotional flyers to create
elaborate collages on her walls - to the point of eventually
completely covering every inch of wall and ceiling space. As an
avid photography collector, her mother had quite an appreciation
for photography which became a huge influence on her. Her
love for taking pictures began alongside her family trips around
Europe and soon developed into a full-blown passion, which she
decided to express professionally her third year at F.I.T. where
she was studying Advertising and Marketing. Erica claims her
photographic goal is to simply capture the beauty she sees
around her and hopes it translates as universally as possible.
From her appreciation of both bright colors and black and
white, as well as her wide diversity of imagery, she aims to
express the vivacity in which she sees the world and to bring
out different emotions in everyone. Her greatest pleasure is
capturing those transient moments that were never planned or
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