The New York Optimist
February 2009
Just the Pap Please

As if it wasn’t difficult enough for women to visit their “use-her” friendly GYN for annual checkups.

Try coupling that now, with a visit when you are no longer a “young adult” female but not quite a “menopausal woman” either!

That lovely in-between age group. Still of “child-bearing” years but not quite as biologically fertile. The 35+ woman can find herself almost
tortured by the thought of going to her Dr. now, not only being vulnerable to stirrups, but also to sermons. Sermons from the supposedly
“judgment free” physician who tries to hold back  from “reminding” us that we “may” want to think about conceiving SOON.

Like we needed that reminder! Check yourself routinely of course, but don’t forget about your “clock.” Thanks Doc!

And if you think FEMALE GYN’s are MORE understanding, think again. They often assume since they have the “same stuff” they are
relating to us.

Don’t need the speech doc, get enough guilt from mom and company!

After all this, you may long for the “good ol days”, when you cringed at the thought of the
GYN exam add speeches to the mix
and you may wish you were a man! Guys don’t worry, we know it is not easy for you either! Gloves, “inspections,” we understand!

Here is my bottom line thought.

TRULY in love with who you ARE, not just on who you may or may not “CREATE.” Your merits are not based on this outcome, it is
the way you treat others and the world around you that should be held in highest regard. If you are fortunate enough to have a family it is a
bonus and a blessing, not a mandate!

Just the pap please!!
Ellie Robyns: Healthcare
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