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Feng Shui Techniques that create a Balanced Office-Ellie Robyns

The Chinese first used feng shui to create peace, harmony, and balance in the home. Since then, the practice has
spread worldwide. But why not take it to another level and use the same principles to de-stress your workplace?

If Pilates, meditation, yoga, and other de-stressing techniques do not work for you or fit your lifestyle, then
maybe it's time to give feng shui a try. A cluttered desk that is logically not serving you may actually be robbing
you of vital energy.

So, if you finally agree to give feng shui a chance, here is how you can make use of it for your desk:

First, make sure that the space around your desk is open, making it more conducive to creativity. Because we
take in information in front such as with the eyes, nose, and ears, it is easier for us to reach into ideas and
impressions with an open-spaced desk. Also, troubleshooting depends on intuition. A wall behind your back
encourages a feeling of empowerment and control.

Your desk may be too small. Big tasks require a big desk to maintain organization. Sharp edges of cupboards and
cabinets can also cause headaches and tiredness, so be wary of those.

Avoid paper clutter. Too much piled paper works create confusion and yin (which means death). Again, make
sure the desk area in front of you is open and has no clutter Piles of paper on the left should always be higher
than the piles on the right.

• Eliminate clutter in your office entrance. Have it well lit. Make sure the door can open completely. This is the
entrance to your productivity AND the entrance to new clients and new business. Positive energy needs to enter
to provide your business growth.

• Paint office walls in colors that provide supportive energy for the work being done in the office. For example:
- Medical, or dental office walls should be light shades of blue or sage green since those are very calming colors.
Already anxious patients need this calming energy.

- Sales and marketing offices should be painted in an earth tone color which is conducive to building good
relationships with clients.

- If you are in a home office and cannot seem to get motivated, paint the walls white or “bone” and surround
yourself more metal objects and less wood.

• Use art to further enhance the purpose of the office. Limit family photos to either a small grouping or one
collage. Use motivational art and posters that energize success and teamwork. Frame them in silver or gold on
west and northwest walls.

• For meetings with clients, staff members and for conferences, use a round or an oval table. The complete
energy of the oval or round table is conducive to negotiating, sales and problem solving. Sit OPPOSITE the door
to create a “power” position.

Design tastes which are in line with the type of work you do, will also give you the formula for improved focus,
productivity and more success. By creating balance, you have also eliminated many of the energy drainers in
your workplace and reduced stress!

A balanced and properly energized office leads to a calmer, in-control and more successful you.
**With all this, some “clutter” may actually be “healthy,” because, according to the late, great Albert Einstein:
“If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind…..WHAT is the sign of an EMPTY desk?”