Diana C. Cooper
Nature and Wildlife photographer
The Mystical Butterfly
This picture I took on my land.
The blue light trailing the butterfly
is the energy of Dom, the
elemental Master of the air spirits
according to Diana Cooper (no
relation) who is well known for
her spiritual books about angels,
archangels, unicorns, all
elementals including fairies and
Ascended Masters. I was also
informed that there are fairy Orbs
present in this picture.
The Zebra Longwing,
Beautiful and Unique
by Diana Cooper
The Zebra Longwing, also known as the
Zebra Heliconian, was declared the official
butterfly of my home state Florida in 1996.
These beautiful and unique little creatures,
actually insects, with long narrow black
wings and yellow zebra-like stripes
(purposely designed by nature to help avoid
and warn off predators)
live throughout
giant swallowtail on cosmos
Zebra Butterfly
Butterflies taste their food through
their feet not their proboscis
(straw-like structure), which they
use to drink nectar and juices.

Butterflies don't have mouths that
allow them to bite or chew.

Adult butterflies do not go to the
bathroom. If they drink too much
they will emit a fine liquid spray
from the tip of their abdomen but
it is almost pure water.

Butterflies are the second largest
group of pollinators...next to bees.

Butterflies don't have lungs.

Butterflies breathe through
openings in their abdomen called
Butterfly facts
Interesting Flower

The oldest rose in the world has
flourished for over 1,000 years on
the wall of Hildeshiem Cathedral in

Tulips don't originally come from
Holland.  They were imported
from Turkey in the 16th century.

In 17th century Holland, tulips
were valued higher than many
precious metals and gems.  A
single bulb is said to have sold for
more than $2,000.

Tulips are one of the fastest
developing flowers.  They can
grow up to an inch a day after
being cut.
Turks Cap
How to Create a Butterfly
People who love to garden also
tend to enjoy watching
butterflies flitting about.  After
all, butterflies are just as pretty
to look at as the flowers that
they visit.  Gardeners can entice
even more butterflies to visit
their gardens by creating
gardens specifically for
From Diana
The New York Optimist
February 2009