The New York Optimist
March 2009
Corno is internationally known for painting large scale faces
and torsos which can best be described as a fusion between
Michelangelo and Andy Warhol.

She has mastered painting the human face body in a way
that only a thirty year career with palette and brush can

Corno’s daring use of colour and bold forceful brushstrokes
represent the artist painting with authority and she is
relentless in her reinvention of the art of portrait painting.

Corno’s paintings have a powerful, emotional effect on the

In her native Quebec , where she shows at
AKA Gallery,
Corno is a superstar, and her art is a powerful status
symbol. To display a Corno on the mantelpiece is the status
symbol for having made it.
Corno’s been living downtown New York for the past 18 years. Always ahead of her time, Corno set up her studio on Bond Street
twenty years before Ian Schrager bought the block.


She is represented in New York and worldwide by Opera Gallery, with upcoming shows in Singapore, Dubai and London.

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" Believe in yourself. Listen to your inner voice. Follow your dream.”  Corno
Corno studied at the University of Quebec in Montreal where she
obtained a BA in Fine Art turning to a full time painting career in
her early 20s. Her first representation was at the Clarence Gagnon
Gallery in Montreal.

By the late 1980s, she had become the darling of Montreal
collectors and one of the most sought-after Quebec artists. Her
reputation was quickly growing across Canada with shows in
Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver. She was the featured
artist at the Quebec Pavilion at Expo 86 in Vancouver which
propelled her visibility to new heights. During this period and into
the early 90s, she was represented by Yves Laroche Gallery and
was becoming one of the most well-respected Canadian artists.
With a strong market in Canada, Corno turned to the US and had
shows at the Morgan Gallery in Boston and San Diego State
University. But New York City was an irresistible magnet, so she
moved there in 1992. To jump start her career, she participated in
group shows and various art events. Following in the footsteps
of  O'Keefe and Dali, she was the featured artist at the prestigious
Steuben Glass. Things just kept getting better and better!

The new millennium brought Corno to Opera Gallery in NYC
which began representing her work worldwide. In a few years,
she became their best-selling contemporary artist. Her work is
now on permanent display in all their prestigious locations: Paris,
London, Monaco, Singapore, Venice, Geneva, Miami, Hong
Kong, Seoul, and Dubai.

Playing a balancing act of high energy dichotomies that stimulate
the imagination and throw the viewer off balance, her new
expressionist style superimposes itself over underlying intricate
figurative details. The resulting fusion has a contemporary
resonance and appeal. A superb colorist, she incorporates intense
textures into her surfaces and uses bold brush strokes.

With an ever-increasing international demand for her work, Corno
had several landmark shows in 2008. First it was Hong Kong
which attracted collectors, critics, and art dealers alike. Then she
took Paris by storm with a joint exhibit Corno & Moz followed
closely by a group show MADE IN NY which juxtaposed her
bold paintings with the American masters who influenced her
figurative work –
Warhol, in particular. Then she made a splash in
Montreal and in December it was Roc-Roussey &
Corno, another blockbuster exhibit at Opera Gallery
NYC. In March of 2009, she will have another
major exhibition in Singapore followed in April by
her first one woman show at Opera Gallery Dubai,
and another important exhibition in London in the

Briefly looking back, 2007 seemed to be an endless
stream of Toronto events! In August, she was the
Guest of Honour for the launching of the Fido Spot
where her work was projected on the largest state
of the art outdoor digital projector system in
Canada. In June, her work was featured at
Luminato, Toronto's Festival of Arts and Creativity,
in addition to being shown at the Thompson Landry
Other notable exhibits include in 2006 an exhibition
at AKA Gallery in Montreal's Golden Mile where she
is now permanently represented. The opening was
featured on prime time national news. The Left
Coast Gallery in Los Angeles, and a sold-out two-
woman show at Opera Gallery Hong Kong. At the
beginning of the year, Corno had been the featured
artist at the Premiere of Alegria, a spectacular show
created by the world-famous Cirque du Soleil at the
prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London. Corno's
works were hung in the VIP room as well as the
swank Roof Gardens where more celebrations took
place. In tandem with her Cirque du Soleil show,
Corno’s art was also featured at Opera Gallery

2005 highlights include an interview for the
documentary The Art of the Nude directed by
Emmy award-winner Bernar Hébert which
premiered at the International Festival of Films on
Art, and later aired on Bravo!, Art-TV, France 5 and
CBC Television. Before that it was the Massive
Media Techno-Graffiti Event at the upscale
Columbus Circle and Union Square in New York
City. Corno's art was projected larger than life on  
building façades in bold high-tech fashion, a crowd
stopper even for jaded New Yorkers.  Earlier in the
year, Corno was the featured artist at the high-brow
international fashion event The Train creating a 45
foot mural for fashionistas, curators, designers,
diplomats and celebrities.

Corno’s works can be found in museums, corporate
collections and private collections all over the world.
Most recently, she has been chosen by MORE
MAGAZINE to be among the Top 40 over 40 women
in Canada for 2009. After much hard work, she  
never takes her success for granted and encourages
young artists to follow their dream because
sometimes… dreams really do come true.

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