The New York Optimist
March 2009
Brittney Alicia Dieno: Photographer

The reason I take photo's is because I enjoy finding the
perfect picture, looking at the world and wanting to capture
it. I love camera's and what they can do. What I like in a
photo,  well everything. I think I can work from dark
photo's to bright and eye popping colourful photo's. What I
dislike is fake poser photo's that seem to be known.
I would like to be a well known artist/ photographer in
years to come!
I've lived in Vancouver my whole life, back and forth
within family. I'm currently living in Nanaimo BC with my
grandparents. I graduated from highschool, been working
at low paying jobs since.
I took art classes every year in school and it seems to be all
the I'm interested in. The first camera I got was when I
was fifteen and I never put it down, I swear I slept with
my camera more than once, and then it got stolen but I got
another one!  

My favorite artist is John sebastian! and many more, my
favortie photographer still unkown there are too many good
ones and I believe if your a photographer than your
awesome either way. I would say some of my friends that
are and inspiration amazing photographers in my mind.

I would love to learn more about anything and everything
within art and photography!
I'm willing and not scared to try new things.
To know more about this Brittney, please
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To know more about this Brittney, please
Set 1: March 16th, 2009
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