Bernadette Mizrahi was born homeless in Brooklyn, New
York.  She overcame a troubled childhood through her
affinity for art, and her childhood fascination with the visual
world eventually led her to become a successful photographer
in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Inspired by her life experiences and her quest to overcome a
harsh and devastating fate, Mizrahi's work varies in tone from
modern, playful interpretations of classic pin-up art,
extraordinary portraits to poetic depictions of life and death.
Her work, which includes a unique and provocative series
titled The Doll House Murders, is largely influenced by her
unique and varied background as an orphan, writer, artist,
survivor and mother.

Mizrahi is currently working on a series of images titled
Pretty Little Dead Things, which draws on her own
childhood, as well as the experiences of her 13 siblings, many
of whom spent their early years in orphanages and foster
homes. Expressive and eerily beautiful, her photography
challenges her audience to contemplate the strength,
resilience, and beauty of women whose lives have been
broken by abuse, cruelty, and loneliness.

Mizrahi's prints are a cross between artistry and technical
mastery—the work of a woman with a sharp visual sense and
an intensely complicated mind. Her inner strength, power, and
hunger for flawed beauty shine through in every image.  
The New York Optimist