Adam Gillespie,
Beat Kids Gallery: Art & Absinthe
Every once and a while an artist
comes along and gives you a serious
reality check as well as a thought
prevolking visual experience. This
week The New York Optimist brings
you one of those artists.
In the Artists words:
Clown Lips:
"Our sexual tendencies"
"Charade you are"
This was done in regards to Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton who
murdered prostitutes and fed them to his pigs.  The arrest and trial were big
news and the faces of the women who lost their lives were plastered across our
television screens turning them from humans into a copy and ultimately into a
charade. They weren't people anymore, they were our entertainment.  The
only reason you're content is because your are glad it wasn't you.
Marilyn Monroe
"My version of a
classic portrait of
the 1950s starlet,
possibly the last
portrait I will ever
We All Fall Down
"In the end, man will destroy
itself.  We are our own greatest
"we are like shop windows in which we are continually
arranging, concealing, or illuminating the supposed
qualities others ascribe to us-in order to deceive
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February 2009