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Bar & Grill

384 Third Avenue

between 27th and 28th street

New York, NY 10016

There is a cluster of Bars and Restaurants on Third Avenue that stretches from downtown all the way to the Upper
East Side of Manhattan.

Arctica is one of several Bar Restaurants on 3rd Ave in the twenties that caught my attention a few weeks back and I still
cant get the food out of my mind.

so many bars in Manhattan have a menu that you can order food from

the bar and many have tables to sit and have dinner.

There are some important words that I keep in mind when I am reviewing a Restaurant or just picking a place for drinks or
dinner with a date or friends.

Atmosphere: this is important for me because I am easy to please and most of the time as long as the atmosphere is
conducive to my mood then everything else can be over looked. Such as the food or a lack of selection when it comes to the
beer or wine menu. If the music is good and the lighting is soft, there are comfortable seating arrangements then I’m happy

With a Corona with lime, and even the most horrid dives in the city always carry corona. Fortunately there are few places
that don’t have an extensive

Beer menu and I usually always find a place where I can grab a Blue moon on Tap this is my favorite beer and in my opinion
the Belgian beers are the best.

Air Quality: If a bar smells stale and the bar itself is sticky this is when I hit the bricks running.

Freshness in the food: If I am there to eat then I like to get what I am paying for. There have been occasions when the food
was not up to par, maybe the fries were the frozen kind or the nachos were a little on the rubbery side

But for the most part I have not experienced many places where the food was not completely satisfactory, remember in
Manhattan the competition is

Heavy and if you’re a restaurant owner your probably going to try and please the customer with hopes of repeat business
and referrals.

Service: I like to be treated with respect and see smiles on the faces of the people who work in the establishment. I am not
looking for insincerity I prefer people to be real just as long as the staff is not practicing their method acting technique and
they choose me as their audience.

Lastly If I feel comfortable with all the above then chances are I am staying for a while and will spend my money happily
knowing that I will have a good time and will not have to worry about a jealous bartender spiking my drink or some other
awful troll who was hired on as a dishwasher and has worked his way up to waiter, and has a special chip on his shoulder
just for me.

At Arctica you will have a combination of all the things I like in a restaurant / bar, and you will be treated the way a customer
should be treated, with value and respect. Ok first off the menu is extensive and there is a great selection to order from. A
friend that I had not seen in some time joined me

And she lives in the neighborhood but never really took the time to explore this bar as she probably has favorite places in the
area that she likes.

After a few drinks at the bar we were given a few selections by James the manager, a young smart looking man with an
Irish accent that always makes me smile. There is something about accents that I love especially Irish ones

That make me feel like a traveller in the company of foreign far off lands and people, and being that my grandmother Clara
Dempsey rest her soul was as Irish as they come there is a feeling of familiarity when I meet people from Ireland. The first
selection was an appetizer, Fresh Spinach and Artichoke Dip served in a hot crock-pot with tri colored tortilla chips, this my
friends I can promise you will bring me back to Arctica again and again. Suddenly conversation was not as important as my
friend and I began to devour this amazing appetizer!

We were then treated to shrimp fajitas the special for the evening

The shrimp was fresh and full of flavor the cheese was melted to perfection

And the presentation couldn’t have been more perfect, with the lighting bouncing off the glass mural behind the bar setting
the perfect mood for this lovely evening.

I recommend this as one of my favorite places in the city and I have a number of them so keep tuned to this
channel, as there will be many more reviews to come.

Please take a look at the Arctica website here on

And explore all the wonderful things this restaurant has to offer

PS. This is a perfect place for party’s, dates, a romantic evening out with the wife and a great place for lunch with
your kids or your girlfriends, and single guys and gals have a big selection of eye candy to choose from.



John Sebastian