Photographer: Angela Wieland
Angela Wieland’s photography is portrait and
documentary based. Her work vacillates between
collaborative and candid, allowing for spontaneity and
illuminating her fascination with how similar most
people are, at their core, while being so dramatically
different as to life choices and outward appearances.  

In making portraits, she aims to establish a rapport
with her subjects, which allows an intimacy to be
expressed. Basically the goal is to capture something
real within the context of something put on; that is,
combine the candid with the posed. Of course,
composition is key, but ultimately, conveying
character and emotion, something that speaks both of
the subject and to the viewer, is paramount.

Her travel work features people within their native
environment, exposing the similarities and differences
found in other cultures and lands.  

Regardless of the situation, her eye, edge, and
psychological savvy, teamed with her anticipation of
events before they happen, enable her to shine
whether capturing or creating a moment.

Her recent series specializes in making portraits of
musicians and other interesting individuals with
related written interviews.

She lives and works in New York City.

From Top
Irving Plaza
Veronica, Final
Raniblo 2
   Jasper                                                             Lady Starlight #09

Left:Deva, 14b                                        Below:People, Places,
Above:portraits-3-henry-rollins,                              Below:nightlife-1-the-strokes.

Below Left:portraits-6-the-coydogs
Right: portraits-14a-lady-gaga:
The New York Optimist