The New York Optimist

2009 Selected Paintings, Sanford Smith Fine Art, Great Barrington, MA
Evelen Luppi Gallery, Wickford, RI


2008 Schaefer Landing Condominium, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 10/08
‘Finding Beauty', two persons show, the Common Ground Gallery, sponsored by the
World Monuments Fund, NYC, NY
Recent Paintings, JWS, Great Barrington , Solo Exhibition from Aug. – Sept., 2008
Private Roads, Prophetic Turns", small works exhibition, Le Petit Musee, Housatonic ,
Private Solo exhibition (Jan 08 – ongoing), Gale Group, NYC
Copacetic Pictures, Dumbo, NYC (Jan 08 - ongoing)
Private exhibition, Hard Working Movies, Dumbo, NYC (Jan 08-ongoing)  

2007 Monterey Pop inspired portraits (Kevin Kushel, Ovoworks curators) Billy Name
and Warhol Factory, L'Univerre Gallery, 20 rue des Coutures Saint Gervais Paris,
France .
Janos Gat Gallery, Amy Banker Now, Inspirations from Poetry of Harrison,
Mandelstam, Shakespeare, Dante, Stevens, Jeffers. Feb 6 - Mar 3. - The Metaphor from
Poetry to Paint.
Great Barrington Berkshire Coop, May - June, 2007, Years Around Here
Gallery Gora, Quebec , Montreal, Amy Banker Now, Inspirations from Poetry of
Harrison, Mandelstam, Shakespeare, Dante, Stevens, Jeffers. The Metaphor from
Poetry to Paint. June 19 to July 7, 2007 .

2006 Spring Joy, CVB Space, NYC; D'Ars Foundation, Milan , Italy ; Recent Drawings
and Watercolors, National Association of Women Artists Gallery, NYC

2005 The Relicts Multi-Media Project, CVB Space, NYC; The Lady Who Felt the Earth,
Eickholt Gallery, NYC; Dag Hammarskjold Lobby Gallery, NYC; Recent Paintings, CVB
Space, NYC

2004 D'Ars Foundation, Milan , Italy ; Ezaire Gallery, NYC; Cadena Studios, NYC

2003 Ezaire Gallery, NYC; La Vuelta, Long Island City , NY ; Metropolitan Opera House
Art Gallery , NYC

2002 J. Mavec & Company, NYC; Ezaire Gallery, NYC; Howland Art Center, Beacon,
NY; La Vuelta, Long Island City, NY

2001 Juicy Art Gallery , Beacon, NY; Broome Street Art Gallery , NYC

2000 Kuwait Art Museum, Kuwait; So Hyun Gallery; NYC; Roslyn Grant Gallery, NYC;
Francis Goodwin Gallery, NYC; Loren Ellis Gallery, NYC; Kaminsky Gallery, Berlin,

1999 Plaza Exchange, NYC; National Arts Club. NYC

1998 Janos Gat Gallery, NYC; Loren Ellis Gallery , NYC
Amy Cohen Banker:Art Forum
Amy Cohen Banker
Verdant OIL ON CANVAS, 4 X 6 in.
Ancient Plant  OIL ON CANVAS, 4 x 6 in.
Cold Press ON CANVAS, 4 x 6 in.
Fecund OIL ON CANVAS, 4 x 6 in.
Summer Programs, Grades 3-6, Girls