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This is a city filled with super heroes.
It was made by people with little money and a hell of a lot of drive
and talent, these are the underdogs that made good.
Conquering staggering odds the people of this city strive
to make a better life for themselves.  After all it’s the American dream.

The people of the world find their way here, make it home and many times create
A place that cant be compared to any other in the world.
Why? The reason is probably because the folks that set up camp here and raise their family’s  are usually from the four corners of
the globe.
The super heroes, well where do I start.
Take a ride to Tribeca sit at a bar meet some of the biggest celebrity’s in the business.
That goes for just about any part of this city, you never know when your going to run
Into, your favorite movie star or musician.
Then there are the modern day working heroes the guys and gals that keep us safe
And keep us from burning down our houses.
The other night I was invited to a party at a fairly new establishment called
Smithfield NYC  a three story tavern located in the heart of the city.
Blocks away from Madison Square Garden and I don’t think I need to go into detail
About this powerhouse stadium where all things monumental take place.

NYC firefighter Rick Galvin hosted a benefit
For the Bright Pink Organization which raises money and awareness for women’s cancer.   
It was a combination fashion show and red carpet celebrity event.
The paparazzi's cameras flashed  as the smooth music floated through the lightly scented perfume in the air.
I was  slightly taken aback by how many good looking people of all ages were in the second floor of this diverse establishment.   I
met with a few of the bartenders and the owners and they offered me a menu.
Heres where the story gets even more interesting.              
Boasting a selection of  seafood steaks and chops I knew the evening would end up taking some interesting twists and turns
especially after sampling several of Smithfield's specialty cocktails and brews.  Staying loyal to the local  brewery flavors they serve
a full selection of Lager's and  Ales on tap from Brooklyn brewery New Yorks surrounding areas venturing as far as California here
are some sampled locations.    
Smithfield NYC
Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold
Belgian Pale Ale 6.5% ABV – Westchester County, New York

Ommegang Hennepin
Farmhouse Saison 7.7% ABV – Cooperstown, Otsego County, New York

Greenport Harbour Black Duck Porter
Porter/Black Ale 4.7% ABV – Greenport, Suffolk County, New York

Blue Point Toasted Lager
Vienna/Toasted Lager 5.5% ABV – Patchogue, Suffolk County, New York

Magic Hat No. 9
American Pale Ale with Apricot 5.1% ABV – South Burlington, Vermont

Troges Dreamweaver Wheat Ale
Hefewiezen 4.8% ABV – Hershey, Pennsylvania

Lagunitas I.P.A.
American IPA 6.2% ABV – Petaluma, California

After several samplings and a hearty meal from beyond the average  bar food menu.
Potato & Leek Soup ….. $7
Brie crouton

Surf & Turf Burger ….. $14
Ground Black Angus, sweet Maine lobster, poached asparagus

FriedCalamari ….. $10
Semolina & parmesan coated calamari, cognac aioli.

I decided to stretch my legs a bit and explore this three story house of fun.
The first floor with its wood accents and exposed brick walls features several large screen tv's for you sports fans
On the second floor (The Market Bar) where the fashion event was taking place, made the perfect setting for more intimate private
party's with a  chic lounge like environment.
On the Mezzanine, the Wallace Room, named after the famous Scottish rebel, Sir William Wallace better known to most as
Braveheart. Rich mahogany and leather couches with a private bathroom and service bar are features of the room. The Smithfield
has something for all playful super hero types or anyone who just want s to wind down after work for excellent cocktails and dinner
and then rev up their nightime private soiree with friends.
Smithfield Bar & Restaurant
215 West 28th Street
New York
Tel:  212-564-2172