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Roy Schneemann

Once you go “inside” the artwork, observe what goes on there and how it makes you feel.

What experience, memories or emotions does the artwork stir up in you?

What else does the artwork remind you of? Maybe, it’s something entirely different than the image.

Does the artwork make you dream or think of any imaginary things as real?

The artwork is real and beautiful and unique. This is a glimpse into the real world of a person’s soul.

Enchantment combined with surrounds utilizing complexness along with deep inside the artwork, unwittingly seem is
sufficient. This Artwork may possibly signify which returns, absolutely benefit from, chaste, glad, happiness as well as other
positive feelings.
You, the observer will forget this Artwork and his impression ever again…

My original contemporary art and music is about intersections – the intersection of nature and technology; the intersection of
tangible and spiritual worlds; the intersection of the European cultures where I have lived and worked, as well as western
interpretations of ancient visionary art from the east.

The subject matter of my art has evolved to the point it has something valid to say; and secondly the archival issues have
been removed, making it a legitimate subject to include in a serious collections. We are drawn into the mystical world by
more subtle, textured works that depict the fractured architecture of nature with translucent overlays that seem to reveal their
own pulse.

Contemporary or Abstract Art creations emerge from my imaginative experiments and have now become the newest genre of
fine art, worldwide. New audiences of my work might envision a festival of O’Keeffe, Dali, and Disney, but the true
celebration is in the eclectic vision of my collection alone.
I merge the real with the artificial, in an effort to construct new "realities" with new interpretive possibilities, into
confounding and delightful visual spectacles.

The result is a kind of art that is both extremely accessible and fascinatingly new...


Master of Arts in Fine Arts (M.F.A.) Canterbury University UK, 1994
Doctor of Arts in Fine Arts (D.F.A.) Canterbury University UK, 1997


Persistence of Vision
1993 (ISBN: 2-910296-00-8)
When you see some of my abstract arts, it may not do anything to you, you may just see a shape and colors that are different
but nothing more, and however that very same piece of art may bring out deep feelings in another person.

When this piece of my abstract art has the power to bring out deep feelings in a large number of people, it is a great piece
of abstract art. This appreciation and understanding of my abstract art is possible for everyone, it does not need any special
teaching, and it only needs an open mind. It needs imagination, something that you have…

I agree that my artwork will work in a subconscious level with you, the observer.

Look “deep inside” the artwork for a few moments and examine
everything very closely. What do you see, feel or question?
Take note of whatever comes to mind as you look at it - Don’t think about it, just do it.

Use all your senses. Use vivid image details and make up metaphors.

Make the artwork MOVE by

- giving the artwork a voice;
- capturing its energy and actions;
- adding another life or dimension to my artwork;

Try one of the four approaches below

What is happening? Is there a tension or mystery going on?
What can you see or hear in the artwork?
What aromas can you smell or taste?
What mood or feelings does the artwork convey?
Notice the little things, too. What are they? Why are they there?