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Robert Silverman
Bob was born,raised, and educated in new york city. He graduated from
the high school of music and art with a concentration in architecture. This
was followed by a degree from NYU and then the Cooper Union for the
Sciences and Art specializing in graphic design. He then began a career
in Graphic Design where he won numerous awards including "Greatest
Packaging of the Decade.
He worked as an art director at large for various advertising firms and as a
designer for several prestigious
Design offices before opening his own studio, which he ran for over 20
Having completed this phase of his career, he then attended the Art
Students League of New York, where he studied under FrankPorcu,
Harvey Dinnerstein, Burton Silverman, and Leonid Lerman. During this
period he also attended evening classes  with Dan Thompson, Jon
DeMartin and John Wellington before completing the MFA program at the
New York Academy for Figurative Art. While there he studied further with
Dan Thompson, Frank Porcu, Ted Schmidt, Wade Schumann, Jose
Dejesus, John Horn, Martha Erlebacher, John Jacobsmeyer, Harvey
Citron, and extensively with Steven Assael. During the summers and off
time periods he studied with Michael Grimaldi and Brandon Solodf at
Strudio 126.
Upon graduating he was accepted into the Grand Central Academy of Art
which then combined with the Water Street Atelier under Jacob Collins.
Now having completed that course of study he has undertaken the pursuit
of his last and most desired career as a fine artist in the classical and
realistic tradition.
Since the world is constantly presenting and representing itself I feel that as an artist I can find beauty,
meaning, and expression and can be a filter for these ever evolving presentations. The word itself is beautiful
and it is my endeavor to present it in the inherent beauty of the media itself.