Fabrini, from his real name, Fabio Roberto, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in December, 1964. Still young
he was sure of his artistic gifts, which ones? He was not sure. When he was 14, he started to work in a
factory, which made magic products, and at 16 he was already a professional magician. At 17, he met by
chance another magician, Vik, his real name Vicente Pandolfi. That evening they were hired by mistake for
the same show. As a result, the partnership VIK and FABRINI was born.
In Brazil, they worked in the most prestigious places, including two seasons in one of the most reputed
cruise liners – Cruzeiros Costa. At the age of 23, in 1988, they decided to participate together in the most
important contest in magic – the FISM. They won the highest award in Magic. This award was the key to an
international artistic career away from his home country. Other awards have followed it. In 1992 he won the
Golden Lion Award in Las Vegas, such award is part of an annual contest organized by Siegfried and Roy. In
1995, in Paris, he won the double Golden Mandrake, one for best magic show and the other as a special
Fabrini has already worked in more than 15 countries, performing at the best and most prestigious show
houses in the world, such as Crazy Horse in Paris, Cabaret de Monte Carlo in Monaco, and La Femme
Hotel MGM, Las Vegas. He has already performed for the world’s most famous people, such as the French
President Mr. Jacques Chirac, Prince Rainier from Monaco and Prince Charles from England.
In 2003, initiates a new phase in his artistic career, in his childhood he had a tendency to another artistic
aspect, is that the Art of Drawing and inspired by the world he lives begins making Magic cartoons, he
publishes a book in Paris by Editions George Proust called Magiccartoon.
From there his imagination has no limits, and passes to paint on canvas, the technique is acryl, as to be
always traveling, needed a fast drying. Portrays the universe which he is part of, that means Circus,
Cabarets, Varietes etc .... his characters can be inspired by artists already known or not.
In 2005 he is invited by the Director of the Princess Grace Theatre in Monaco, to realize the poster of
Monte Carlo Magic Star, this poster has a commemorative postage stamp, becomes the first Bazilian to have
such a distinction, alongside this event he  also have a exhibition of his paintings in this same theater, others
will follow, and already exposed his works in Vienna, Berlin and Sao Paulo.
He has followers and admirers of his art in several countries, because it spreads across North America,
Europe and Brazil.
Fabrini was born with a gift, and is much more than a simple artist, because he manages through his art,
showing the comic  and irreverent side, and his vision often baffling,
bring us to see how his imagination can be electrifying.
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