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Traveling through the city to find the most tender and fresh selections of cleverly presented sushi in the city has turned out to be more
than just a culinary expedition and of course a great pleasure, it has also been an education. Learning about the many types of sushi,
sashimi and the chefs that serve this complex treat from the ocean with different styles and a diverse selection of ingredients has made
me a huge fan of the Japanese and Asian culture. Nouvelle a beautifully designed sushi restaurant in the heart of Bay Ridge Brooklyn
fuses a combination of Asian, French, Japanese, Italian and Thai cuisine.

Chef Andy Yang brings these cultural treasures together in a unique and artistic presentation that more then satisfies the palette but
enhances the aesthetics and expectations of what one might come to expect at your average sushi house.
Reminiscent more of a Hollywood movie set than your average restaurant
Nouvelle is as creative with its presentation of some of the finest Sushi dishes
this side of Tokyo as it is with its approach to interior design.

One of our favorites from the sushi menu:

Pink Panther Roll
Spicy Tuna with crunchy eel tempura, avocado & wasabi caviar wrapped in pink seaweed.

For the entrée: Coconut poached salmon with shredded daikon and sautéed noodles among many other outstanding and original
selections from the Nouvelle Menu.

One of the best in a long list of amazing restaurants we have recently had the pleasure to dine in, Nouvelle will become one of your
regular family destinations or the perfect place for that special date.  
French Asian Fusion
8716 3rd Ave Bay Ridge Brooklyn