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                                                         A Note From The Publisher for 2012 and a Look into 2013

Whew what a year my capacity for Optimism was stretched to its very limits.
So lets look back at the recent events of 2012. Winter Solstice, Armageddon, the night when Christ was born, most of us like to call Christmas
and believe me it applies to all of us no matter what your beliefs are. A Big Nasty bitch named Sandy came blowing through and wiped out
thousands of New Yorkers, turning what was already a bad taste in my mouth into the constant need to floss and buy a few extra gallons of mouth
For most of us it was business as usual, well what other choice did we have.

Just because several parts of the tri state area disappeared in a swirling downpour of thrashing ocean winds and rain does not mean the very
next day the bills would stop coming, I bet Con Edison the gas company, cable and the long list of other basic every day needs made sure your
next bill was right on time
no matter what was happening around us.
Maybe the one lucky thing about these poor souls who were struck by catastrophe was that there was no mailbox or address left for bills to be
delivered to.

We had some whacked out kid high on peanut butter, jelly and reality shows stroll down his quiet street in suburbia pick up a semi automatic rifle
which these days is obviously as easy to get as a piece of bubble gum and proceed to blow away a horrifying number of innocents at his nearby

Why not if the world is going to hell in a hand basket might as well top it all off with a meaning less burst of murder and mayhem just to keep the
destructive tone of 2012
Going and to end it all with a punctuation mark.

Every ounce of energy has been drained from me by these disasters.
Making it very difficult to celebrate the New Year in a normal fashion.
Oh the optimistic approach is one person at a time slowly changing the world.
But do you think this matters to the family’s who have lost so much?

So do we have anything optimistic to say about this past year?
Well on the cusp of catastrophe my brother brought a beautiful baby girl named Abigail in to this tattered world the very day before the Mayans
predicted an end to our planet.
So I named her our savior as all the new born children of today will certainly be our saviors.  God almighty shows us once again that it’s not the
It’s a new beginning a new year a new chance to make good to catch up and join the race to create a better world. At this point there is not a
shadow of a doubt that its time to change the things the are making us un happy and we can do it.
So my best advice is not to take anything for granted anymore, and live each day like it may be your last.
Because based on the way things are going it very well could be.
Please people if your reading this take a part in the oceans the atmosphere
The poor and misfortunate people and creatures in need of protection, food, housing
And just an overall cry for attention. Step outside of your comfort zone and take a day out of your life and make a contribution to your family your
friends and anything that needs cleaning or catering to in your life.
If you do this I promise it will come back to you times three.
Do for others and ask for nothing in return and you will see things in a new perspective a new light. Finally I would like to thank every one of you
who have come to every week every day to see that there is beauty all around us and that sometimes all have to do
is look a little harder to find it.      
We will continue to bring you the things that inspire and make you smile
And we hope that this year is a healthy productive one for all of us.

Sincerely Yours
John Sebastian