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                                                                                         “New Year’s Resolutions

                                                                                             By:  Nina Mistier

Every year as the New Year approaches we think of some great feat we must accomplish.  Some people want to be happier, learn a language,
some want to lose weight, travel, enjoy life more, spend more time with family and friends, be more patient and loving with children, a mate or
parents, etc…  The first step in change or acquisition of new abilities is to pay attention to who you are right now.  Pay attention to your feelings;
are you happy most of the time?  What are you thinking, speaking and feeling?  Learning to be present is the first step toward happiness,
balance, and being a better you.  We spend most of our lives feeling bad about the past and worrying about the future.  When are we ever
actually here in this moment?  This moment is truly the only moment that matters, the only moment we have any control over and the only
moment we get to choose how we want to feel and what we want to accomplish.  If you notice you are complaining, but want to feel happier then
stop complaining.  Just notice, stop and switch your thoughts to something that makes you feel great.                    
Living in the present is something we were not taught in school or at home.  It is a choice we make whether we wish to cultivate awareness and
make each moment a happy, healthy one that brings us closer to our goals or not.  You can accomplish anything if you really want to, but it does
require effort.   

We live by way of habit.  What we did yesterday, we will do again today and tomorrow and inevitably we will get the same exact results.  Yet, we
want change… If we do the same thing, how will we get different results?  Happiness, health and quality of life go hand in hand with paying
attention and being present.  You cannot be happy if you don’t like your physical being, you cannot lose weight if you are unhappy.  Find things
you do love about yourself and work from there.  Cultivate a good attitude about you and your abilities.  How can you be more loving to your
family when you are not pleased with yourself?  You cannot be healthy if you are out of physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological balance.  
The human being works as a holistic entity and all the parts work together like a symphony.  If one instrument is out of tune, it throws off the
sound of the music.  Notice what you think, pay attention to what you eat, listen to what you say and how you feel as you go through each day.
There are so many facets to the human being that can be brought back to health, happiness and balance one moment at a time.  Begin with
observation.   Pay attention to yourself; your thoughts, words and feelings.  Be kind and patient with you, just as you would with someone else.  
Be grateful for all the great qualities you possess and think about what you might like to change or improve upon.  Be realistic and don’t set
yourself up for failure.  You can accomplish anything one day at a time, one moment at a time by being fully present and paying attention to who
you are at this moment.  Good luck on your journey.  Happy and Healthy New Year!

Nina Mistier is a Holistic Counselor, College Instructor, Yoga and Exercise Instructor, Lecturer and Writer who practices with an advanced MS in
Counseling Supervision, an MS in Counseling Psychology, a BS in Psychology and a Certified Yoga Instructor with the Himalayan Institute.  Nina
practices alternative medicine, positive and thought field psychology, and cognitive behavioral therapy, Ayurveda and exercise physiology.  Nina
studied with Albert Ellis, creator of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, a form a CBT and Dr. John Gray, PhD, relationship expert.  Nina
created the first four-credit course for SUNY including Yoga, Psychology and Nutrition and has had tremendous success.  Nina has been
practicing in the New York area for over twenty years.