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                                        Expectation is Powerful

                                                                                       By:  Nina Mistier

Upon waking in the morning are you excited about your day ahead?  Are you grateful that you are going to have
wonderful and happy interactions?  Is your job hunt or day at work going to be smooth and successful?  Or perhaps,
you awaken thinking “Not another day of this!  I can’t wait until I am back in bed again!”  

Whichever thought process you choose will have a direct effect on the day ahead.  Our thoughts, beliefs and
expectation are often strong predictors of our lives.  They also tend to become habits.  We can create good or bad
habits of expectation.

There are people who feel lucky, they say everything goes their way and life is great!  Then there are those who
feel I never get any breaks, life is hard, I am unlucky.  Whatever you choose becomes your reality!  Why not begin to
pay attention to your thoughts each morning and notice what your level of expectation is?  Then pay attention to
how your day goes.  Is there a possible correlation?  If there is then why not give expectation a try?  If you noticed
your thoughts and feelings were negative and you did not have a great day, then do the opposite tomorrow morning
and expect an amazing, high energy day with great interactions, a parking spot close to home and all wonderful
things.  Imagine that tomorrow will be an amazing day!  You have nothing to lose, other than a little focused attention
and effort.  If you do it properly, it will be worth  the effort.

Shifting our focus, thoughts and feelings is not always an easy task, but it is absolutely worth the effort.  Begin one
day at a time, pay attention to the correlation between your thoughts, feelings and your experiences.  Imagine things
exactly the way you would like them to be.  See the pictures in your mind and then feel what that feels like.  One day
at a time, one interaction at a time.  Remember we always get to choose whether to be happy or not.  It is not the
things that happen, but how we react to them that matters.

When a parent tells a child how smart, talented and successful he will be in life, he grows with those feelings and
expectations of himself.  However, when a parent tells a child how stupid he is, how he can’t do anything right or is
not good at anything, that child grows into a man with low self esteem and low expectations for his future.  These
are seeds that are planted which create the habits of our thoughts and feelings.  If they are positive then keep them
and make them stronger.  Just by noticing you begin to make yourself more aware and strong.  If the seeds planted
were negative, then change them one day at a time, one thought at a time.  You don’t have to be, feel or think
anything you don’t want to just because someone else said it.  You get to choose for your life.  This is your story
and you get to create it the way you  want!

Nina Mistier is a Holistic Counselor, College Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Lecturer and freelance writer who has
practiced in NY for twenty years.   Nina holds an MS in Counseling Psychology, a BS in Psychology, and is a
certified yoga instructor with the Himalayan Institute.  Nina practices positive and thought field psychology,
nutritional healing, Ayurveda and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Nina studied with Albert Ellis, John Gray and
created the first four credit course for the State University of NY which included Yoga, Psychology and Nutrition.  
Nina specializes in women’s issues and can be reached for an appointment at 917-309-0179.