Be Here Today

                                                      By: Nina Mistier

If you knew you could control your future to some degree, would you?  I don’t think you
realize the abilities you possess.  What do you think about as you go through your day?  
Most people spend a great deal of time thinking about the past and the future, rather than
being fully present today.  Today is the day you have all the control, all the power to
change your life moving forward, but you must be an active participant in your life.

You must begin to pay attention to your thoughts.  If you find you are thinking about past
events and worrying about future events, you need to put the brakes on.  Just by noticing
this you can begin to change it. Every bit of attention you bring to yourself will move you
in a more positive direction of having the life you want. Life can be fun and exciting if
you change your attitude and expectations.

As we shift from childhood to adulthood, move out of our parent’s homes, start a family
and life happens, many people lose their ability to laugh and have fun and life becomes
serious.  That is not how it is supposed to happen.  Things happen, but it is our response to
these things that determines who we are.  Do you have sayings in your family like “this
too shall pass” or “out of something bad something good always follows?” It is important
to believe that everything that happens to us is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Years ago, I experienced a series of unfortunate events, seemingly one after the other.  
They were debilitating on all levels, physically, emotionally and psychologically. It was as
if the powers that be were really trying to get my attention.  I had to figure out “why are
these things happening to me?” I realized that these events were not just accidents, but my
feelings on a very deep level that I was trying to ignore.  I had to acknowledge them and
work through them to strengthen myself so there would be no more accidents.  I became
more present and controlled what I could in each day.

We cannot ignore things that happen to us; a betrayal by a loved one, a great loss, aging,
physical changes, trauma, etc…  Things happen, but our response to these things is what
matters.  Pay attention to your feelings and how you process events in your life.  Don’t
ignore anything, because these strong feelings don’t disappear.  They must go somewhere
and they are inside of you and can manifest physically or in some other way if you don’t
acknowledge their existence.

Stay in control of your life; it is yours!  If you don’t know what to do about your feelings
on a psychological or emotional level, be physical.  Take a walk, talk it out with a friend
or counselor, go to the gym, and stretch your body.  Don’t hold it in and become tense.  
You must move because movement is the key to life.  Don’t forget to breathe. When you
are tense, so is your breath.  Pay attention to your breathing and notice the difference
when you are calm or tense.

When you can’t control your mind, begin with your body.  The body contains energy
centers that hold your life experiences.  You must open and move these centers to release
anything that gets built up in there. That is why movement is the key to a long healthy
life.  Stagnation is a lack of movement, a lack of life, a lack of energy and chi (the life
force).  Be here today and move.

Nina Mistier is a Holistic Counselor, College Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Lecturer and
Freelance Writer who has practiced in New York for twenty years.  Nina holds an MS in
Counseling Psychology, a BS in Psychology and Yoga certification with the Himalayan
Institute. Nina practices nutritional healing, positive and thought field psychology,
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Ayurveda.  Nina studied with Albert Ellis,
founder of REBT and Dr. John Gray.  Nina also created the first four credit course for the
State University of New York which included Yoga, Psychology and Nutrition which has
had tremendous success.
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