Mark Heine, son of renowned Canadian Marine Artist Harry Heine RSMA, FCA, NWWS was born in
1961. As a child his time was spent on the beautiful beaches of Vancouver Island. "I played in my
father's studio, steeped in the smells and sights of his art. On the riverbanks and beaches, I skipped
stones while Dad sketched." Living in an area with such dramatic natural beauty, instilled a strong
sense of appreciation for the environment. A appreciation which is ever-present in his art. " My
painting is about my children and how nature impacts their lives. I want to focus on them as they
experience the wonders of the natural world."

At age 16, Mark was awarded the Attorney General's art scholarship and attended the Applied Arts
Program at Capilano University, graduating with honours in 1983. Heine spent his early years working
in the applied arts, and eventually rose over the span of 25 years, to become one of North America's
leading illustrators. Teaming with representatives throughout the world, he won numerous national and
international awards (view awards) for his work with Sony, Disney, Nintendo, Pepsi and many more.

In 2005, Canada Post commissioned Mark to paint stamp art, portraying Canadian athletes
performing in the 2006 Olympic Games In Turin Italy. In 2007, these stamp designs were awarded the
"Prix Olimpia" bronze medal for outstanding promotion of the Olympic Spirit, by the International
Olympic Committee (IOC) and presented  in Belgium, by IOC president, Juan Antonio Samaracch. A
further 2 paintings were commissioned, to be used on stamps for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic
Games. There are now 26 postage stamps for Canada Post and the Post Office of Liechtenstein that
feature his art.

In the past decade, Mark Heine has turned his creative focus to gallery painting, with solo shows in
galleries throughout Western Canada and group shows throughout North America and Europe.
Artistically, Mark draws inspiration from many sources, to name a few, his father, Maxfeild Parish,
Brian Johnson, Andrew Wyeth and the french Impressionists.  The sum of these influences and his
own life experience have combined to produce a vision that is unique and distinct.

He, his partner Lisa Leighton and their two daughters, Sarah and Charlotte, now live in beautiful
Victoria, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. His other passions include writing, fishing
and sailing. In 2014, he and his boat partner intend to sail their 32' Ericson sailboat from Victoria B.C.
to Hawaii and back a distance of 5400 miles.
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mark heine
Swing Shift
36" X 48"oil on canvas.
A Calling, limited edition print
Print size 17" X 40"
24" X 36" oil on canvas
Hey ... There's A Tiger On My Lap!
original art is sold
30" X 40"oil on linen
Thin Air... limited edition print
Print size 11.5" X 19"
Parade Floret
original art is sold
18" X 72"oil on canvas
Long Shadows... limited edition print
Print size 13" X 16"
Following Mia
24" X 36"oil on canvas
My purpose as an artist, is to live with my eyes open, observing, collecting and recording. I paint the
reflection of those observations... sometimes joyous, sometimes painful, but always honest.

Light, temperature, colour, sound... all senses, combine with personal experience to create an
emotional expression. I strive to connect with others on that emotional level. To inspire personal
reflection, perhaps stir a lost or forgotten feeling. For me, the definition of art is the communication of
emotion that leads to personal discovery. A trigger for self awareness.

The face of life on the west-coast of Canada is relatively new to much of the world. Living here does
have a distinct flavor. I seek to identify and celebrate our vibrant culture. To bring that fresh face to
the world. To remind us, to look around and savor. My children are often the vehicle for this
expression, as I watch them grow and experience life.

The choices I make in subject and composition have combined to become my own voice on this
world. A voice that should and does shift, like the ebb and flow of the tide.

Mark Heine
Tea Party Turmoil
24" X 48"oil on canvas
Transforming... limited edition print
Print size 10" X 12"
Halloween Fairies
original art is available
8" X 10"oil on canvas