I was born in Rome, Italy, I live in Barcelona since 2009, since 2000 I took up painting. I started with
abstract painting because it seemed to me the best way to express my thoughts. I began to exhibit
my work in 2002, first in Italy and then in Belgium and later in Barcelona. After a while things changed,
the abstract expressive form was no longer enough, what I wanted to express was no more included
in the technique as I knew. I gave up painting for a year decided not to use it anymore as expressive

In 2011 I accidentally discovered the pop surrealism movement. I realized that this way of painting
offered great possibilities of expression moreover matched my sensibility. I realized that movement
had no rigid but challenging rules, which allowed the most absurd fantasies and give them the dignity
of art. The incredible could become credible if fine done.Currently I paint with oil on wood panel, I
prepare the panel by myself with glue and gesso di Bologna pleased to apply the ancient technique
and I realize from three to five underpainting using a medium. The image takes gradually the softness
and thickness that makes it alive.
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mariaChiara Bianchi
"Okay," oil on wood 30x30cm
"Paolina" oil on wood 50x61cm
"Agnese" oil on wood 54x73cm
"Marlene" oil on wood 33x41, 5cm
"Melanie" oil on wood 60x73cm
"Lucille" oil on wood 50x61cm
"Juliette" oil on wood 46x55cm
"Julia" oil on canvas 60x73cm
"Tina" oil on wood 10x10 cm
, private collection sold