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Leah Lopez
Leah Lopez grew up in the heart of Northern New Mexico where the
influence of a rich culture of artisans fed her imagination and
inspired her creative interests. Little did she know that her creative
journey would eventually bring her to New York City, where she is
quickly becoming recognized as one of the top emerging female artists.
Her paintings have been featured in numerous galleries and
competitions in which she has won several awards.

Leah's work has captured the attention of the most astute collectors.
Whether it be her still life's, landscapes or city scapes, her
paintings portray an air of romance and drama. They're brilliantly
lit, which is accentuated by her superior brush work which captures in
great detail the beauty of the objects she paints.

Out of her studio, in the heart of Greenwich Village, Leah has
embarked on a new journey, where she is creating representational and
figurative work. “Painting still life, to me, is a gratifying means to
compose a story, convey a feeling or mood. Relocating to my new studio
has inspired me to bring the same ideas and sentiments while
incorporating figurative elements”.

Leah is also widely recognized as one of the top teachers. She has
conducted numerous workshops in Europe, along the
East coast and here in NYC. She offers instruction in her Historic
studio by Union Square in Manhattan and at the New York
Academy of Art
Teaching and demonstrating a New York Academy of Art Class
Studio NYC
Painting In Provence
In front of my paintings for a Salmagundi Club show, Summer 2012
Visiting with Fellow Club Members after a show
At the Salmagundi Club for American
Masters 2012 Exhibition with Artist and
Mentor Sherrie McGraw
At the New York Academy of Art
Tribeca Ball 2012 with fellow artist
Holly Ann Sailors
Colors of Summer
14" x 18
Oil on Panel
Chelsea View
10" x 8"
Oil on Panel
Persimmons and Covered Dish
Hotel Giraffe
Hotel Elysee
The Casablanca Hotel
The Library Hotel
The Library Hotel Collection
The Library Hotel Collection