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Kevin Stone
Imperial Water Dragon
Metal Animation Studio Inc. and metal sculptor Kevin Stone has been
featured in local and international media several times over the last few years starting in
2006 with his unveiling of "Power and Authority" his 31 ft stainless steel eagle in the
attacking pose. Then again in 2007 with Worlds Largest stainless steel sculpture "Power
of Flight" his second and more detailed eagle with an amazing 40 ft wingspan. Now Kevin
has completed his most challenging project to date, his Chinese Imperial water Dragon.

For almost two years, Kevin worked seven days a week, and has now completing the final
touches on what has become one of the greatest stainless steel sculptures to ever be
unveiled anywhere in the world! Kevin Stone has produced an exquisite world class
sculpture with unsurpassed detail and on a scale and size of incredible proportions,
Weighing 6000lbs and standing 12-feet high, 14-feet wide, 35-feet long with two large
coils in the body. Stretched out this incredible sculpture would be over 85-feet long!
Each handcrafted production is unique.  There are no reproductions of his work.  Kevin's passion in his creations, is brought on by sharing the vision and emotion
a client perceives in a desired piece, and bringing that inspiration to life.

"My sculptures are designed to attract attention, create emotion, invite contemplation and conversation, state boldly, add beauty and style to their environment,
and become a fabulous focal point.  I enjoy the challenge of each clients needs, and bringing my clients visions to life.  I build each piece to be enjoyed for many
generations to come." - Kevin

Kevin's first eagle, "Power and Authority," is a towering 20' high Bald Eagle sculpture, with a massive 31' wingspan.  Viewing the photos of this piece provides a
sense of the immense size of his work, and give appreciation for the amazingly accurate detailing that is a hallmark of his work.  This specific work is the
embodiment of Kevin's personal vision that took shape from watching and admiring the strength, pride, and beauty of these magnificent birds.

Kevin welcomes interest in commissioned pieces.  If you have a vision for a lasting impression - Kevin Stone will bring your perspective to LIFE.
“Power of Flight” is the second piece in a series of bald eagle sculptures I
have recently completed.  Growing up in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, I have
always had a fascination and appreciation for nature and the vast array of wildlife that
inhabit these lands – in particular the bald eagles that migrate annually throughout
British Columbia during mating season.  Their strength, dominance and beauty draw
spectators from around the world, who want to view these magnificent birds in their

I have always found the bald eagle to be an inspiration to me both artistically and
spiritually.   They signify incredible power and dominance in their environment, and
yet at the same time are the most graceful, beautiful and elegant species of bird I
have observed.

The fascination and admiration I have for the bald eagle, inspired me to want to
capture the essence of this respected creature, both in its dominating role in nature,
as well as the graceful and peaceful elegance the bald eagle displays in its natural

The first piece in my bald eagle series, “Power and Authority”, is a massive 20’ mirror-
polished stainless steel bald eagle in an attacking stance.  In this first piece I wanted
to capture the dominating, powerful presence of the bald eagle.  With eyes focused
on its prey, legs extended in an attacking mode, and the 31’ wings spread, the viewer
can experience the incredible
sense of power the bald eagle emits.
"Power and Authority" is a 20' high sculpture, with a 31' wingspan, that
brought Kevin international attention as a metal sculptor. This piece was
completed in 2006, and was completely hand fabricated from surgical grade
stainless steel, and finished in a hand polished mirror finish. The beauty and
detail of this piece is unparalled, and is realistic in detail from every angle. This
piece took on a life of it's own, with over 2000 people attending the unveiling. This
sculpture has been sold.
The Twin Eagles