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Dream Away   The topic of hopes, dreams, aspirations, goals, has been frequenting my thoughts quite often recently. Many a
facebook post pertain to the very subject with quotes, poems, concepts and experiences. Funny, how I “measure” my
thoughts in FB posts, does anyone else do that? It is,in fact, somewhat of a public diary for me. What a marvelous age we live
in, connected in so many ways, disconnected in many others, that is a whole other topic.

What do all of those visions mean in our heart and how do they affect us? I feel they take great part in shaping our lives, since
the decisions we make are influenced by said aspirations. Even if they are not obtained, steps are taken on the trail. It is about
the journey we embark on and not the outcome. Setting up a goal without attachment to the end result. There is plenty to
learn about ourselves through the exploration.

Although, it may be felt that a dream is lost, forgotten, or extinguished, does not necessarily mean it is extinct. It could very
well be that it will surface in a more subtle fashion than the grand production in our minds. With awareness and possibly
some imagination, they will be recognizable.  There have been countless occasions where I’ve experienced this very
observation. I’ll give one, instance. When I was 8, I had such a crush on one of my older brother’s friends.

He was a rock star (in my eye) in the basement band, incredibly adorable and I was quite the groupie. I had notions of us and
our “dream date”. Quite impossible at the time since he was 8 years older and I was just, “the little sister”. Flash forward 25
years later, what do you know? My brother had a ticket for Echo and the Bunnymen at Radio City. He wasn’t feeling well and
didn’t think he could make it. My brother asked if I wanted the ticket, I said of course, straight away, especially since I had
recently met the band, and wait, what?

More importantly, who is going to be there? Yes, you got it, my old crush. I had a few insights here; Although he was no
longer my crush, I was given the gift of time travel and experience a bigger-than-the-dream date AND the fact that I had
actually met the band weeks before the concert had not even been in the original picture. The hope had manifested in a way I
obviously could not imagine, and all for the better. This is a fun, light example, of what can also happen in more complex
situations. My life here in NYC may have not always have been what I had envisioned, but my actions towards achieving that
vision, has always been filled with quite amazing manifestations.     Keep your hopes and dreams close for they are swimming
in your soul. No matter what you think becomes of them. You must pay close attention for it is unknown in what time, manner,
or costume they decide to manifest.

That is how wise and magical they can be. Take caution not to crowd or rush them. Be generous with loving space. They are
being nurtured even when you think you've neglected them. Dreams are extremely sensitive, suffocating easily. Give them the
freedom to fly on their own, they will be sure to return in their most highest form and just may surprise you.  

“Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly.” ~Langston Hughes

from the heart,
Jeanne Gigi
Dream Away