James Neil Hollingsworth (b. 1954) was raised in Marietta, Georgia. With the exception of a few life
drawing classes at a community college in the 1970's, Hollingsworth is a self-taught artist.

His early adulthood was spent in a variety of exacting disciplines. After high school, he served in the
U.S. Air Force as a mechanic, and later worked a licensed aircraft mechanic. He had his own
typesetting business for several years and then shifted his profession again to work as an emergency
room and surgical nurse for more than a decade. The dynamic stages of Hollingsworth's early career
are linked by a common thread-each position revealed his penchant for detailed work and honed his
appreciation for design and craftsmanship. However, each phase left him yearning for the narrative
creativity that he eventually found in painting.

In 2004, Hollingsworth committed himself to pursuing his art full time.
He now finds inspiration in paring down the "stuff" of life to a single item, or group of items, with
pleasing color and form. Placing his subjects against a simple backdrop, he intensifies our connection
to their design and aesthetic appeal through formal choices. A dramatic use of light, flawless
draftsmanship, and clever compositions bring viewers up close and personal with the irresistible
shapes and colors inherent in ordinary household objects. In his romanticizing of utility-driven design,
one can draw comparisons between Hollingsworth's style and mid-century modernism. His vibrant
interpretation transforms utensils and edibles into powerful, visual creatures that beckon our
prolonged enjoyment.
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James Neil Hollingsworth
Asa  9 x 12 Oil on Canvas
Reclining Nude 12 x 24 Oil On Canvas
Georgia 12 x 16 no2 Pencil
African Girl 12 x 16 Colored Pencil
Holstein On Green 18 x 36 oil on canvas
Mule No 2 20 x 60 Oil On canvas
Katydid 8 x 16 Watercolor
Crane 9 x 12 Watercolor
Chevy 12 x 16 Oil On Canvas
Power Pole 12 x 24 Oil ON Canvas
Transformer 18 x 18 Oil On Canvas
1955 12 x 36 Oil On Canvas
Pool Balls No 4 10 x 10 Oil On Canvas
Pool Balls No 5 12 x 12
Bulb Vase 10 x 10 Oil On Canvas
Chevrolet 18 x 24 Oil On Canvas
Study For Dumbo 6 x 6 Oil On Panel
Hover 24 x 24 Oil On Canvas
Coke Classic Commission 24 x 24 Oil On Panel