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James McCarthy
I like creating spontaneous organic imagery (biomorphism). I like to depict the
landscape, weather and seasons, as well. I am especially enthralled by Winter
imagery- the cold simplicity of a Winter landscape, snow and strange ice
formations (even though I have lived in Florida most of my life).

I also love ruins, gardens and the landscape of the British Isles.

I also love weird rock formations, strange trees and unusual plants and fungi
"The Observatory
Gardens at Night".
Oil on canvas.
"Through the Afterlife" (A & B)
"Nursery II; Winter"
Oil on canvas. 22"x30".
"Luminous Ice Phenomena in the Park".
Oil on canvas. 22"x28".
"The Place Where Forgotten Dreams
Dwell". Oil on canvas. 22"x28"
"Siberian Khatru III". Oil on canvas.
"The Alchemist".
Oil on canvas. 18"X24".
"Cosmic Petunias".
Oil on canvas. 20"X30".
Oil on canvas. 18"x24".
"Heart of the Sunset; Lost Father".
Oil on canvas. 15"X30".
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"A Country House Garden".
Oil on canvas. 18"X24"
The Observatory Gardens in the Spring".
Oil on canvas. 20"X30".
Springtime in the
Eleventh Dimension".
Oil on canvas.
"Winter Will O' the
Oil on canvas.