Marye Lobb has traveled and lived throughout the world and her music is a reflection of these experiences. This bright rising
artist writes her own songs inspired by Latin grooves from her days in South America, Celtic melodies from her Irish roots, and
Mediterranean rhythms from her studies in Athens, Greece. Her rich, beautiful voice tells powerful stories about the complexities
of love in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Playing her Brazilian acoustic guitar she transports you to far and away places to
reflect on the vibrancy of life. Marye has incredible range and the strength of her voice carries you through a wide variety of
emotions while "Finding Home.”

Marye has performed in Co. Kerry, Ireland, Athens, Greece, Santiago, Chile and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the United States, she
has played in Boston and Los Angeles and regularly performs in New York City. She grew up Rochester and currently resides in
Manhattan. Marye is committed to social justice; 10% of the profits of the album will go to charity.

Marye is always seen performing with outstanding musicians, such as:  Mauricio de Souza (drums, Brazil), Marcelo Woloski
(percussion, Argentina), Gabriel Riesco (guitar, Spain) Nir Namaan (tenor sax, Israel), Kazuyo Kuriya (flute, Japan), Manami
Murika (piano, Japan) and Claire Finely (bass, USA). Lobb graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2008.

Marye Lobb       

585 732 5622    
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