A strikingly strange and unconventional, sometimes capricious, always exquisite artist,
who specializes in sensual portraiture, and erotically charged paintings.

“The artwork of Fang Ling Lee focuses on symbolic imagery conceived in large-scale
paintings. Her work, of which “Almost “is a fine example, shows a union of realism and
abstraction in its depiction of female figures laden with symbolic importance. Specializing
in a notably sensual form of portraiture, her erotically charged images transform the
viewer to voyeur, tempting them with a new vibrant fantasy.” - Fab.com
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Fang Ling Lee
Nectar 2010 48 x 20
Hurts (2011)  12 X 16
Medusa (2010) 4 x 4
Lunar Sacrafice 2012
Taken 2011  16 x 20
Death 2010 4 x 2
Almost 2011 16 x 20
Lopez Portrait 2012 40 x 30
Girl With Tiger 2010
Allegory Of Air and Water 2008 4 x 6
Absence 2009 30 x 24