Erica Calardo


After my first academic degree in philosophy and a phd in mathematical logic, I decided to
follow my lifelong passion for visual arts. In 2009 with Soulfood Community I founded
Soupy Records, a project involving both music and visual arts.

My favourite medium is traditional oil painting, though I enjoy watercolours as well. I paint
over canvas, wood panels, old golden frames and whatever I find in my cellar.

I love illustration and fairy tales, cats, old christmas postcards, ancient greek, latin, logic,
castels, four poster beds, Mannerism, and baroque patterns.

Recently I have curated Ania Tomicka's first solo show at Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Italy
and I admit I liked this new experience.

At the moment, besides being a painter, I work as a post-doctoral research fellow at the
University of Bologna, Italy, where I live. I am currently studying non normal modal logics
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Erica Calardo
Missing Valentina

available at Auguste Clown Gallery
Incognito 013

available at Modern Eden Gallery
Self Portrait with Amber Pendant

Eternal Love (Portrait of Ali)
Past Shows (selected)

MONA, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

WHAT BIG EYES YOU HAVE, curated by Sugarfueled and Sarah Banks, Gallery at City Arts Factory, Orlando, Florida

L'HEURE BLEU, curated by June Leeloo. Auguste Clown Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

E.T. - ENFANT TERRIBLE, Studioventuno Art Gallery, Salerno, IT

PLURALE FEMMINILE, curated by Studioventuno Art Gallery, Tattoo Convention, Rome, IT

VENICE, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

C'ERA UNA VOLTA -- GIOCO E GIOCATTOLO, curated by Valeria Arnaldi at MACRO, Rome, IT

BAROCCO EROTICA, curated by Andi Garcia, 423 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

18th ANNIVERSARY SHOW, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome, IT

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW, Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena, CA

SCARYGIRL 10 year anniversary show, Toytokyo Underground Gallery, 31 October 2012, New York, Usa

CHARMED LIFE, curated by Ally Takeuchi, Swoon Gallery, California

AUGUSTE CLOWN GALLERY opening show, curated by Leigh Cornish, Brunswick Victoria, Australia

VEXED, curated by Andi Garcia, 423 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

PREMIO TERMOLI , curated by Lorenzo Canova, Termoli, IT

Pimp my Mary, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Roma, IT

Neo Pop: Pop Surrealism vs Urban Art - Group Show curated by Pietro di Lecce, Spazio Orlandi, Milan (Italy)

PAPIROFLEXIA - curated by Lorenzo Canova, ARATRO, Univerisity of Molise -- Campobasso, IT

POP SURREALISMO AL FEMMINILE - Tagart Shop Gallery, Reggio Calabria IT

ITALIAN POP SURREALISM: INTO THE FUTURE - Group Show curated by Andrea Oppenheimer, Musei Capitolini Centrale Montemartini,
october 2011 - Roma, IT

Decadence suite – Group Show curated by Nicoletta De Biasi and Raffaella D’Angelo. Decadence loft, 2010 - Milano, IT

Kalenarte, Group Show curated by Silvia Valente, Museo di Arte Contemporanea all’Aperto, 2010 - CASACALENDA (CB), IT

ITALIAN POP SURREALISM: BIRTH OF A NATION - Group Show curated by Andrea Oppenheimer, Mondo Bizzarro, october 2011 - Roma,

MONDO BIZZARRO SHOW - group show curated by Rossana Calbi. Galleria Studio 21, Salerno, IT

WI-FI ART: One Sunday - Workshop a cura di Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, n.3 Pop Surrealism -- Made in Italy, Circolo degli Artisti, Roma, IT

Imago – Premio Termoli 2010, Group Show curated by Miriam Mirolla,  Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea, 2010 – TERMOLI (CB), IT

Soupy Records Illustration, curated by Erica Calardo, Fragile Continuo, 2010 - BOLOGNA, IT

Fuoriluogo XIV – Interrelazionale, curated by Silvia Valente, Galleria Limiti Inchiusi, 2009 - TERMOLI (CB), IT



Mondo Bizzarro, IT

Swoon, CA

423 West, CA

Modern Eden, CA

Auguste Clown, Australia


Oil Painting



2010 - present

Manchester Metropolitan University, 2008

- Ph.D. in Mathematical Logic (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)
- BA, MA in Philosophy (University of Bologna, Italy)