Holidaze Diet- Eating well during the holidays and beyond

There are no "good" and "bad" foods, only good and bad eating habits!

Keeping that in mind, let's look at some common eating habits we many of us have in common. Then we can explore ways of modifying
those habits, in order to create a happier, healthier, firmer you!

Maintaining a proper diet during the holidays is near impossible and you have to ALLOW yourself to recognize this and know that you
don't have to go overboard at the family gathering or company holiday party. It is all about moderation.

Do you eat mainly healthy foods? Fruits, whole grains, fish and lean meats? Great!

However, do you also eat these foods while watching television, while running around the house after your kids, or during an argument
with your spouse?
Do you scarf your lunch down at your work desk, because you realized you still have 3 reports due before 1pm? Eat standing up? Are you
a giraffe? Giraffes eat standing, so do horses. They are also generally 6-7 feet tall! So, unless you are an amazon woman, or the worlds
tallest basketball player, you better sit down to eat!

Guess what, so many of us elicit these eating behaviors I just described. You are not alone. You will also not be alone, in increasing your
risk of weight gain, heart problems and other dietary related disorders as a result of eating on the go, or dining by the tube.

I know how hard it is in today's day, when we are all mutli tasking, to take the time and pace yourself as you eat. To eat the right foods
AND eat them the right way! This is a crucial factor in maintaining optimum health. Therefore, it is imperative that you eat well and eat

Force yourself, NOT to eat while watching television. Especially if what you are watching is a violent movie or a boring newscast! Since
so much of the news today is negative, and now you are eating AND watching/hearing negative news, you will interrupt your digestion
even further. It is all about digestion and we will talk about healing your gut, in the next edition.

For now, try the following general eating modifications:

Eat when you are relaxed.
Do NOT look at your computer, tv, or cell phone, while eating.
Make sure to chew your foods properly and SLOWLY.
You should take no less than 15-20 minutes or more, to eat a meal.
Do not mix solids and liquids ( I know this is tough one for me as well).
Maintain good, but comfortable posture while eating
Try to take a brief walk within about 15-20 minutes after eating, to enhance digestion.

Holiday eating habits/modifications: "some tricks of the female trade"

Wear control top pantyhose!- You wont want to eat as much!
Refresh your lipstick-You will tend not to eat as much if you have donned the red revlon again.
Brush your teeth- same concept as putting on lipstick

For the men:

Don't undo that tie just yet. Then you will tend to eat/drink more!
Forget the ego, you dont have to be the "big guy on campus."  The one who has to eat/drink everyone under the table! That may have
worked in college but not today!

Now of course these are just fun modifications to keep in mind during the holidays.

It is also OK to indulge at times and eat a variety of foods, sweets and the like, or else you will see yourself as deprived, which only tends
to lead into binge eating and drinking! That is much harder to recover from.
Know that it will be a challenging month diet and food wise.

However If you address these eating habits ahead of time, then you will not be as prone to the "holidaze". It will lead you long into the New
Year.. beyond short term resolutions and into long term SOLUTIONS!

Exercise is another topic..but an equally important one..and we will address that next week.

Happy holi-daze!!

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