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Asarlai Maistir
Eithné is obsessed with fantasy. Some say that it is a unhealthy relationship she has. A rock is just
not a rock, its a hiding place for faeries after all.

When not chasing said faeries she is a freelance illustrator specializing in fantasy cover art. She can
illustrate stock photography but also can take model photography, design sets and props, find
costumes and models.

Her symbol, the dragon was designed by Eithné when she started doing
art again years ago and it is a part of her being, spiritually and artistically.

Clients range from mainstream NYC and London fantasy publishers,
mainstream magazines and motion picture houses.

She is currently looking for artist representation in the UK and US.

Fantasy is my Reality - Eithne Ní Anluaín
Eithne Ní Anluaín
Ealu O
Foraois Chianaosta