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Deborah G. Rogers
My art is my visual statement. Intending to share my opinions, insight and the results of lessons learned in
life, I hope to 'push buttons'; often humorous, sometimes pleasant and if need be unpleasant, depending on
your personal point of view. It is my hope to engage the viewer in thought by confronting issues, creating
laughter, stirring emotions and looking at things that often get 'swept under the carpet'. You are invited to
come take a voyage around 'my room' with me and make the journey a discovery of self you take with you
when you leave.

Each piece begins as a drawing/blueprint. The nature of my unfired clay mix ( Marblex) is to warp and
shrink. (I also use Japanese Diamond Paperclay, La Doll and papermache ) Altered and fabricated objects
are made in advance incorporating them as the clay is hand built. Washes of acrylic, layers of colored
pencil, dyes, ink, drawings and commentary are added to the surface. The narrative story as important as the
3-D piece; marry to convey my message as a whole. Surfaces are preserved with paste wax. Often a box (or
home) will be built with clay and various materials to present the completed image.
"Sting in the Behind Box"
"Bee Girl"
"And I Gave Myself A Good Talkin' To....."
"She decided to shed her skin and get the hell out of that pie-eyed town...."
"Seasons Of a Marriage"
"You Make Me Feel Like Home"
"The Yellow in your world will consume my Blue...There is restfulness in the color Green"
"I Wanna Bee Your Girl: A woman controlled, manipulated and kept in her place."
'The Journey of Imagined Possibilities'
" A woman in A Box"
Birthday Boy
Close Up
As tears fell to the ground - the earth drank them in, so the trees could
grow new flowers - Nurturing all that was lost.....
"Will you be there when the madness comes?
"SeVeN DeAdLY SiNs" ©2012
Sometimes, the eyes will see strange things that the mind will alter.... To provoke, confront and stimulate
private emotion and awareness, pleasant and sometimes, perhaps unpleasant, is my intent. To connect with
the underlying emotional current that flows just beneath the surface in us all. A commentary of my life and
lessons learned, mixed images of symbolism & memorable items of my youth, will hopefully be interpreted
in a highly individual and personal manner - Taking these lessons away, becoming ones own