David Natale was born in Maryland, where he spent his early years fostering his creative side.  In
2008 he came to Los Angeles where he currently lives and works.  Since then David has been
involved in shows both nationally and internationally.  With no formal art training, he spends a majority
of his time working to improve his craft and narrative.

David's paintings portray the intricate and subtle interactions between humans and the natural world.  
The nebulous landscape of the cosmos provides a fertile backdrop for a lush imagination rooted in
the fantastic and the familiar.  A place where flora and fauna mingle in surreal landscapes of pastel
His work explores the beauty in the vastness of what we have yet to understand.
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David Natale
The Radiant and The Numerous
Oil On Wood 16 x 20
The Waters Of Emergence
Oil On Wood 18 x 12
Hunting Tesseracts
Oil On Wood 22 x 18
"Enoki" Oil On Wood 11 x 14
"Europa & Gangmede" Oil On Wood 11 1/4 x 19 1/4
Lo & Callisto oil On Wood 11 & 1/4 x 19 & 1/4
The Coral Fields oil On Wood 16 x 20
"The Pearl Thieves" Oil On Wood 22 x 18
After The Fuel Ran OutOil On Wood 36 x 24