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Child Hood
Dream and Memory
Dark Blue
Girl Solpadein
Keep Ones Guard
                             Victor Podshivalov. "ArtColorLife".

Victor Podshivalov - an abstract painter whose painting refuses to approximate to reality, the image forms. One of the purposes of
abstract art - the achievement of "harmonization", the creation of certain color combinations and shapes that affect the beholder by the
association of visual perception.

Victor - Member of the Designers Union of the USSR in 1988 and Russia since 1998. Born in 1958 in the town of Pechora. Long
experience in graphic designer has influenced a particular artist's sensitivity to color. So his project "ArtColorLife" entirely devoted to
various developments of the topic. The artist's paintings convey a personal vision of color by the author, we have a fantastic and
fascinating world of a variety of colouristic combinations, palpable texture of stroke.

Particular attention deserves the vehicle master - paintings, he wrote only the fingers, thus avoiding the use of any "middlemen" (brush,
trowel, etc.) between the canvas and the creator. This technique allows the picture completely absorb the energy of the artist. Oil paints,
which uses Victor Podshivalov, he mixes right on the canvas, which in turn prevents the creation of a copy or fake!

Large format works, which is rare now to be found in the art market, allows you to draw spacious interiors - country houses, offices,
shopping centers, etc. Particular emphasis should be placed precisely on the interior painting of the artist as well as Podshivalov's  
paintings are universal for any decor!

Object painting sometimes diverts our attention, but do not fit harmoniously into the interior. For example, not everyone will feel
comfortable next to someone's portrait in his bedroom, and still lifes and landscapes, because traditionally we have loved, been
considered bad taste to the art-market (here we are not talking about paintings by old masters, whose value recognized by art critics and
confirmed at the auctions with a worldwide reputation).

So compared to the subject painting, Podshivalov's abstraction suitable for decoration of any space. Variety of color transitions, and
colors makes it easy to select the desired picture. We also know that each color has a special influence on the human psyche, regardless
of individual associations. For example, red stimulates, activates, warm, yellow - tonic, bracing, green - soothes, relieves stress; blue -
calming. Dig into the inner world of the artist's paintings, we get a particular emotional state.

Victor's paintings enjoy great popularity in the West and in Russia, recently held his exhibition in Belgium, Prague, Moscow,Kiev. Paintings
are in private collections in Russia, Britain, Czech Republic, Germany, participate in auctions of contemporary art lovers. Now Podshivalov
developing a new project for the design of the "Crocus City Mall ", performs a variety of private orders! Viktor is working and living in
Abstract Russian Artist Victor Podshivalov
Last Canvas
Red and Black
Only original paintings;
- oil on HDF (High
Density Fiberboard)
with stretcher;
- preliminary cost
without carriage:
1400×1040cm (5000.00
?) - "Childhood", "Keep
one's guard", "Last
canvas", "Seagull yellow"
2080×1400cm (10000.00 ?)-
"Birthday", "Black", "Children",
"Conflict", "Dark blue", "Dream
and memory", "Fire", "Fisherman",
"Girl-solpadein", "Glamour",
"Leader", "Red", "Red and black",
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