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Here is a look back at the art fairs that swept through the city in March

Culture Shock's BOOM! Installation Put the Voltage in Volta NY with Interactive iPad Apps playing through
Vintage Boomboxes & Live Champion Street Dance Performers

NEW YORK March 13, 2012
– As post fair wrap-ups of Armory Arts Week continue Culture Shock proudly announces
BOOM! : Boomboxes,iPads, and Audiovisual Interfaces, their installation project at Volta NY, was a
smashing success.

At an art fair where an exhibitor's main purpose is to sell works, there was nary a thing for sale at Booth P1. The
ingenius curation of both Culture Shock's Debra Anderson (CEO/Founder) and Hugh McGrory (Creative Director)
brought curiosity and delight to the thousands of people of all ages interacting with their installation. No one could resist
taking in the visual of a wall stacked with vintage boomboxes loaned from famed photographer,
LyleOwerko, and a
single photo work by him courtesy of
Clic Gallery.  That’s it, you ask?!  Oh no, Culture Shock took it up notches by bringing on Dave Hodge of Finger
Music to present 6 user-friendly iPad stations each featuring an interactive iPad or iPhone app by cutting edge tech

Visitors were encouraged to play with the programs on the iPads, and they did not hesitate when they deduced that their
touch would produce both a uniquely drawn visual creation AND the original music that was coming through the vintage
boombox speakers.

These computer scientists-cum-artists included
GlennMarshall’s two generative animation apps,

Eyegasm, which has a biomorphic flower ebbing and flowing against a lava color background and Supernova,

an ever-moving cosmos in blue and purple tones. Both play soothing ambient music, and having been built with
algorithms, will never repeat the same pattern twice.   

Next up was
Interval Studios' Thicket by Joshue Ott (visuals), Morgan Packard (music) and Jason Booher (UI Design)
which offers the user a myriad of unique touch reactive sound and animated visual options including a screen resembling
black and white static from television sets.

Depending on how the screen is touched,  the static would visually scramble and produce electric guitar riffs. Meanwhile
an incredible amount of fairgoer’s instantly recognized
Scott Snibbe’s Bubbleharp

and MaxWeisel’s Soundrop

as being the same developers of Bjork's Biophilia. Both seemingly simple black and white screens animate to touch
and produce ever-changing unique music, either like a tripped out harp or a virtual xylophone.

Everyone released their inner artist when they used
YuriVishnevsky’s Silk to create drawings that produced gently
wafting swathes of color when users dragged their fingers over the screen.  

Dedicated Apple product users were downloading favorite programs onto their phones right on the spot, Debbie Harry
(aka Blondie) paid a personal visit, collectors inquired as to how they could commission limited edition apps, and in-the-
know curators offered to tour and expand BOOM! for museums and events.

When visitors were able to part from this visual, tactile, aural feast of fancy they were treated to live high-energy
performances throughout the fair venue by more than 30 world champion breakdancers, b-boy’s, whaackers and
poppers, including
Victor ‘KidGlyde’ Alicia, the stunning Melanie Aguirre, and their group Dynamic Rockers.  

Culture Shock postulates the future by re-imagining the iPad as a musical instrument.  If all-American Street Dance
styles were born from the technology of the boombox, then what new, not-yet-known artistic form will grow from the
technology of an iPad as a musical, visual instrument? In about 10-15 years, ask the 3-year olds who instinctively knew
how to use the iPads at BOOM!


Debra Anderson Co-Curator

Debra Anderson is the CEO and Founder of Culture Shock, a New York City-based media consultancy for creative
industry. Debra launched Culture Shock in 2007 as an independent communications consultant for emerging and
established artists and galleries. Since then she has broadened the scope of her activities to include creatives across
the spectrum from motion graphics and computer animation to coders and science research facilities. Debra has
brought this expanded knowledge to her curated programs of international art. As the company continues to grow, to
represent global communities on and offline, Debra’s passion remains focused on providing platforms for creativity that
engage with new audiences and ensure that culture is marketed as an inclusive practice and pursuit. The best way to
strengthen a pyramid is to widen its base.

Debra consults on high profile projects across the creative industries for clients such as Vimeo, National Film Board of
Canada, Vimeo, LLC (a subsidiary of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI), Tribeca Enterprises, Ogilvy & Mather, Gen Art, Finger
Music & Sound Design, DJ Spooky, Access4Artists, WorkBook Project, DIY DAYS and Thornberg & Forester. As an
international Art Curator, Anderson has presented exhibitions for Volta NY and Art Basel (Switzerland and Miami),The
Boombox Project for The Streaming Museum, Glenn Marshall for Ludwig Museum, Cologne and onedotzero, Andy
Warhol: In His Wake, Factory Craze: Week of Warhol Germany, Creative Week, Internet Week. She has represented
artists such as Shepard Fairey, Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky, that subliminal kid), Glenn Marshall and Scott Pagano
among others.

Hugh McGrory Co-Curator

Prior to joining Culture Shock, Hugh was co-founder of ‘’ – a leading film, design and animation studio based in
Belfast. He was Production Executive for the UK Film Council’s Digital Shorts schemes at Northern Ireland Screen,
Teaching Fellow at The Queen’s University Film Studies Department, Visiting Filmmaker in Residence at the CINEMA
Microscopy Lab in Yale University School of Medicine and Colin Farrell’s Film Acting Tutor at The Gaiety School of
Acting in Dublin – The National Theater School of Ireland. Hugh’s award-winning short films for The Irish Film Board and
NI Screen are still screened regularly on the international festival circuit. US Visa Status: 0-1 ‘Alien of Extraordinary

McGrory and Anderson recently co-curated two special project exhibitions in partnership with Vimeo including
PROJECTiON at Volta NY and Vimeo FRAME during Art Basel Miami Beach in 2011.

Dave Hodge Audio Curator

Dave Hodge is Partner/Creative Director at Finger Music & Sound Design. Hailing from Canada, Dave Hodge is an
award-winning musician, music producer, composer and sound designer who has been professionally steeped in the
scene since he was a teenager. He’s performed with some of the most critically acclaimed acts around the globe,
including Basement Jaxx, Bran Van 3000, Macy Gray, Broken Social Scene, Feist and Brazilian Girls. The artists who
have turned to Hodge to contribute production and arranging on major label records and remixes are an eclectic, high
profile group which include the likes of Janet Jackson, Carly Simon, and Deelite. After scoring commercials for Finger
Music & Sound Design, Hodge joined as partner and creative director in 2004, contributing his vast and varied musical
expertise and close connections to exceptional musical talent
For further inquiries, requests for interviews and/or photos, please feel free to contact Debra Anderson or Nora Curl at
Culture Shock, Boom, Volta, and Fountain art fair, hundreds of artists exhibiting all over the city in the course of a