By Christopher Ryan


The Miniature Pinscher

German in origin, the miniature pinscher (or Zwergpinscher; German for “Dwarf
Pinscher”) is a tried and true breed.

Although the breed's name may mislead most, this daring little breed is no tiny copy of
any other breed. A common misconception is that this canine is the product of a desire for
a smaller, more compact version of the Doberman Pinscher- a much larger dog. This is
quite far from the truth however, as we now know that they merely have a likely common
ancestor- the German Standard Pinscher. Although legitimate documentation of the “Min
Pin's” existence tapers out at around 200 years ago, biologists (Along with the AKC) have
reason to believe that this breed is actually quite old. Given the time the German Pinscher
has been around -an estimated 300 to 500 years- it is not unlikely that the creation of the
Miniature Pinscher happened before our current paper documentation tells us.

Quick and cunning, the average “Min Pin” weighs about 8-10 pounds and is incredibly
intelligent. Though recognised by the AKC as a “Small Dog Breed” this label has been
under dispute since the breed was first accepted and registered by the organization. The
controversy mainly stems from the size of the breed, as it is traditionally on the borderline
weight held between the Toy and Small categories. This is exactly where the canine gets
it's nickname “King of the Toys”, and trust me- these boys and girls are the King and
Queens of their domain.

If not given enough structure, exercise and overall activity- these little dogs can fall into
the icy grips of Small Dog Syndrome with ease. This makes for a frustrating predicament,
as they can be a fairly dominant breed, quickly taking over the home. Don't let this steer
you away from taking one home as a companion though! Just as they may fall into the
mentality of royalty- they are equally focused on learning new things and pleasing their
owners! Curious to the core, this little breed has the ability to bring the best out of

A few notes on basic “Min Pin” care to remember..

•Given his/her very short hair, the Miniature Pinscher requires protection from the cold.
Their small weight and thin coat doesn't offer much, so for prolonged periods outside in
chilly or wintery weather it's a good idea to fit your little buddy in a nice jacket. These
should be available at your local pet store.

•The Miniature Pinscher's curiosity can be both a gift and a curse at the beginning stages
of becoming accustomed to life with a family. Especially before being yard trained, it is a
good idea to keep that special canine on a leash even when in a yard. These little ones are
extremely fast runners, and given their thin build, they tend to fit through the spacing
between fences fairly easily. Patience, at least until your furry companion is familiar with
the boundaries you've set for him or her, is imperative if you want to take the easiest route
to keep your pet from running off.

Behavior Tip of the Week: Don't Relax. Work that Chewing Out of Your Dog!

A lot of the destructive chewing activity found in most dogs is due to boredom. If you find
that, while you are physically at home, your playful pup is tearing things apart while
you're not looking- it may be a sign that you canine companion is insufficiently stimulated.
Most dogs need some form of enrichment in their lives- whether that is specified dog
sports training, or going for a long walk everyday. Obedience classes can also offer that
enrichment. One of the easiest ways to take care of a problem issue in your furry little pal
(outside of corrections), is to just tire him or her out. A walk a day can keep issues at bay!

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