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batya f. kuncman
Batya is an Israeli born multidisciplinary artist based in New York City. Her work has been internationally
exhibited in galleries and museums that include the Museum of Modern Art of Taluca, Mexico and the
Haun Tie Art Museum in Beijing, China.  Recently, her paintings from the series “Landscapes for
Humanity” were on solo exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art. Her work has appeared in a
variety of publications including Forbes,  MIT Technology Review and Wired. Her “Infinite Flux” series
was on view in 2012 at the Martine Chaisson Gallery in New Orleans.  Her work has been described as
diving into  a myriad of art historical references with her prolific painting and drawing practice...
displaying a skillful sense of composition and brushwork. with a a strong brand of social realism in their
subject matter… surreal perspective and almost Munchian brushstrokes.”
Each of my recent paintings is an elaborate imagined studio space featuring an installation of images as
an investigation into corruption/beauty, destruction/renewal, and utopia/dystopia. My work is an
experiment with an organic changing alchemical story about meaning and the ambiguous relationship
between “illusion” and what we call “truth." I try to transcend the present, to 'see' what the painting
process suggests. Blending painting history, media, memory and phenomena a visual play is
choreographed on the stage space created through shifting perspectives, color and light.

Drawing on information derived through the study of science, philosophy and transcendent texts these
works explore the idea of the past, present and future existing simultaneously as infinity and reality as a
continual flow of change. The images reflect a state of flux in our information age, the fragmentation of
society, cultures, thoughts, and the way personal identity is connected to universality and is
simultaneously fragmented by continual evolvement. I try to imagine a connection to spiritual phenomena
that might explain what is happening and what would happen if our reality were suddenly to reveal this
Oil on Canvas 32"x16" diptych 201
Edge of Paradise
Oil on canvas 16"x20", 2012
Oil on Canvas 30"x40" 2012
We rose up despite impossible odds
Oil on canvas 48"x24" 2011
We wanted to be safe and nullify the decree
Oil on canvas 60"x48" 201
We Virtually Held Up the Sky, Made the Wind Move
Oil on canvas 24"x 20" 2008
Oil on canvas 60”x28” 2012
Forgotten vessels detector
Oil on canvas 24"x18" 2011
Oil on canvas16”x 12” 2012
Oil on canvas 30”x40”
Another Break in the Wall 2008
Oil on board 16"x20"; Private Collection, New York, NY
Oil on canvas 24”x30”
Energy Shepherd (11th Son)
Acrylic on canvas 18”x24”
oil on canvas 30"x48" 2010
Prayer (Tefila)
Acrylic on Canvas