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My artworks reflect a diverse array of influences and themes that materialize through the
vivid colors of oil paint to convey the perpetual turmoil of identity, longing, fear and
despair that interweave to form the entangled tapestry of the human soul. Characters in
my paintings are often fashioned in lush drapery or unique costumes with intricate and
specific details to create tangible personalities engaged in the midst of mysterious and
intriguing actions. The interplay of physical tensions, immaculate grace, and sublime
expression found in the figures is further augmented by hauntingly evocative
atmospheres expounding upon the multi-faceted dimensions of individual and shared
states of existence.
'Parallels', 30"x40" oil on linen
"Guardian's Gaze" 36"x36" oil on canvas
“Discovering Identity” 24"x30" oil on canvas
"Dream" 36"x36" oil on canvas
"Broken Music" 30"x40" oil on canvas
First date
24"x24" oil on canvas
"Rejection" 30"x40" oil on canvas
'Secrets and Confession', 24"x24" oil on canvas, ©
Escape 36"x36" oil on canvas
"Mechanics of Manipulation" 30"x40" oil on canvas
Alexandra Manukyan