My creation is an homage to the eternal female that resides at the core of each human
being. It wants to awaken the goddess that sleeps in each woman. The Lalas reveal the
sacred, female dimension to us by relating to the profound depth of our heart, our
sexuality and our soul. They have the power to stimulate recognition within us and the
expression of  our principal femininity by inviting us into our sacred cave where our inner
most resources coil. They are the expression of divine light and energy. It’s a female vision
of thinking and seeing the world.

They aspire to harmony, peace and love and reveal it by their bodies, their feelings and
their creativity, revealing their intuition, their beauty, their sensitivity . . .

In the midst of this imperial rendez-vous with the heart of our hearts, of the inner marriage
of female power and sacred masculinity, like two complimentary beings in the world and
in the universe, the lalas illuminate us by their unconditional, universal love. They offer by
their divine character, a reflection sweeping us towards the highest realms of the spirit,
thus acting on the conscious, the unconscious and the subconscious of the soul of
My Lalas are an act of love to honor all the women of the world as well as our mother,
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Aima Saint Hunon
« The origin of the eternal female »

In ancient times, at the origin of humanity, the sacred was adorned by feminine forms and
attributes.  Nature and woman belonged to the magical world of waves and the forces of
life, a world that escaped masculine comprehension.

The Lalas ladies lived in grace. They were the eight enchantresses. They were free,
creative beings able to love intelligently and to think with love. They listened to nature’s
songs, they were founded in plenitude and lived their inner truth. They were the spark of
divine inspiration and carried in their wake, the world of human beings.  Thanks to them,
the balance of the universe in communion with the male aspect was wisely preserved.  It
was the time of Lalaisme.

Once again reunited in the most subtle and refined of  universes. The Lalas express the
holiness of their bodies and their hearts in the magic of poems, performances and works
of art. By invoking love and sensuality they approach the divine path of their natures.  
They are the primal, creative strength of life. Lalaisme is the frontier between dream and
reality, it is a magical place, the entrance to another world. They are the hyphon between
cosmic and earthly  energy. They communicate with the invisible, the inexpressible, the
sacred. All Lalas are honored as one, they are the graces of nature, the object of
admiration and the keenest of curiosity that life can offer. They are idols, dazzling and
marvelous, who conceal in their mysterious glances, a complex enchantement.
After studies of applied art in material sculpture of synthesis, Aima Hunon, young and
talented creator, becomes involved in the pursuit of forms and curves revealing a
sensuality similar to her own inner being. The process reveals and amplifies her works
with time, found deep within herself, mixing maturity and sensuality. In this new
momentum, the artist confirms the control of her potential through works varying from 30
cm to 2m.

After numerous travels, Aima applies herself to natural materials such as terra cotta, wood
and stone. She assembles these different materials in a dreamlike , symbolic magic. Very
touched by the expression of femininity, this artist leads us into a universe where women
become goddesses, where erotism flirts with purity.  Her imagination takes us towards
fantastic worlds where emotion and the sensuality of a land reflects its soul. Her
sculptures no longer have real forms, more an abstract-realistic search of emotional force.

But sculpture no longer suffices for Aima, she opens up other horizons through painting,
that projects her into her imagination, mixing gaiety, enthusiasm and passion.  Her very
personal technique integrates different materials to the color of her paintings.
Sand, wood, pigments and other  matter intervening at the moment of creation captivates
our attention as well as the lines of her drawings. She creates only through emotion and
her direct environment influences her most.

Always in search of expression, Aima establishes a direct relationship between the
sensuality of the world in which she evolves and that of her own body, staging them in a
series of videos, and photos. After 5 years of theatrical studies in various schools in Paris,
the artist expoits her potential through a series of video art where the emotion of a
country, a city is reflected in an abstract fashion allowing the emotional imagination of the
spectator free to interpret the message he feels. Her performances during private viewings
give energy to the expositon shown.

Through her open mindedness, her sculptures, paintings, photos and videos have a
multi-cultural character that beget a world where creation
has no barrier, no limit.
& Sculpture
Of Lala